Error while adding tables from Vertica DB to SSAS via OLEDB/ODBC connection

Able to add tables by writing a query as select * table_x, but cannot add from the list of tables available. It gives an error OLEDB or ODBC Error 4856: Syntax error at or near "[" at character 8; 42601


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    This is for Vertica 6.01.200 version & SSAS 2012. Thanks!
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    Hi Deepa,
    Were you able to figure this out?
    I am encountering the same issue :(


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    I am having the same problem.  Is there no HP admin who answers these questions?  The original post is from 5 months ago and not a single solution has been offered.
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    Hi Delora,

    Unfortunately for migration-related questions, many of us HP folks are already using Vertica...

    Like many HP people on this forum, I'm not assigned to answer any particular type of question.  We're here because it's interesting, and a good reality check on how our stuff is actually used.  (Or because we use Vertica and have questions of our own.)  Which means you may get immediate answers from experts, even from the people who actually wrote the code; you also might not get responses for a while.

    For proper technical support, if you want a prompt and supported response, you should open a support case through http://my.vertica.com/ .  (Requires a paid Enterprise account.)

    That said:  A quick web search for related errors turns up the following page in our documentation:


    It's not exactly the same issue.  But it might be a similar problem.

    You can look in "vertica.log" (in your database's Catalog directory) to see what queries are being issued.  Then refer to the Vertica documentation to see what pieces of the syntax are invalid.

    Given a specific invalid query, folks here might be of more assistance.  Alternatively, people in a SSAS forum might be able to help too.


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    Thank you for the reply, Adam.  I concluded initially that Excel wasn't generating an appropriate HP Vertica SELECT statement.  Writing a query worked, but resulted in a flat file output which cannot be expected of non-technical end users.  

    I'll keep at it, will take a look at the link you provided, and above all, appreciate your response.

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