Can't get past EULA in management console

I've installed managment console on a VM. When I go to the webui it want me to accpet the EULA. I check the box to accept, click next and nothing happens.


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    Do you use the supported browser? If you installed the latest version (7.0), the following browsers are supported. Vertica Analytics Platform7.0.x Management Console is supported on the following Web browsers: - Internet Explorer 9 - Firefox 15 and later - Google Chrome 11 and later Then, it depends on the machine, but it sometimes take a bit long time. Also, you can find some related messages in /opt/vconsole/log/mc/mconsole.log
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    I'm still fairly new to Linux and am used to my browsers auto-updating. I was looking at the provided VM as more of a zero config solution but I know better. I'm just spoiled all the way around. All better now. Thanks for your reply

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