Examples of using java vertica sdk

Hello, I am trying to explore com.vertica.sdk But i am unable to know how to use it. Can anyone please provide me example for using UDParser, Parser factory, and Block and Partition reader and writer classes with a simple test program in java.
I alredy gone through examples section bt those are in c/cpp


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    Hi Anoop,

    Our Java examples are installed to "/opt/vertica/sdk/examples/JavaUDx/".  Let us know if you need any more detail.

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    Thanks adam for reply.
    But i alredy seen them and they are not so clear for me.
    I am a beginner.
    Can u please provide me a test program to it so.
    AS i tried BasicIntergerParser Example provided by Vertica.
    Bt am unable to know how to use it in my query.
    I done jdbc connectivity part bt unable to run the query to copy data from file in table using this parser.
    And i am also unable to know ant serverInterface as parameter in prepare()
    So please provide me a test program containg these type of program.
    I will be thanksful to you.

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    Hi Anoop,

    Those are the test programs...

    Could you clarify what you're trying to do?  What's not working?

    You can compile the .java files directly, or by running "make" in the examples directory.  There are various *.sql files in the examples directory that show you how to use the examples in queries.

    I'm not sure what your question is regarding serverInterface; could you clarify?

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