Multiple Parameters

I would like to send a list of parameters to a UDF in addition to the data table.

I am using Vertica 6.1 and the statement USING PARAMETERS is useful, but the documentation only shows how to send a single parameter.

How do I deal with more than 1?

SELECT a,b,add2Constants(a,b USING PARAMETERS c1 = 1, c2 = 2)  OVER() FROM table;

a     b     sum
1     2     6
3     4     10
5     6     14

Current parametertypecallback is as follows (BTW you have an error in the documentation, you created PARAMS and used PARAM in the example.)
kmeansParameters <- function(){       param <- data.frame(datatype=rep(NA, 1), length=rep(NA,1), scale=rep(NA,1),name=rep(NA,1) )       param[1,1] = "int"       param[1,4] = "k"       param  }

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