How to aggregate values in a sub query??

How to aggregate values in a subquery. I have tried following query
SELECT    'abc'                             AS ctx,
                  'ALL'                             AS Anpe,
                  SUM(A.TID)                  AS TID,
                  SUM(A.AMT)                AS AMT,
                  SUM(A.BMT)                AS BMT,
                  (SELECT SUM(rzrm) FROM abcd o) AS rzrm
FROM xyz a
 but i get the error as
 Subqueries in the SELECT or ORDER BY are not supported if the subquery is not part of the GROUP BY


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    Prasanta_PalPrasanta_Pal - Select Field - Employee

    Create a query something like, may be you can refine the column you do not want as duplicate.

    dbadmin=> select * from t1;
     c1 | c2
     10 | 30
    (1 row)

    dbadmin=> select * from t2;
    (2 rows)

    dbadmin=> select * from (select 'abc', sum(t1.c1)  as x, sum(t1.c2) as y from t1 group by 1) as foo1, (select 'abc', sum(t2.c1) as z from t2 group by 1) as foo2;

     ?column? | x  | y  | ?column? | z 
     abc      | 10 | 30 | abc      | 60

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