Papers and other technical content describing how Vertica works

What papers and other technical content describing how Vertica works are available? For example, so far I have been able to find:
  • Lamb, A., Fuller, M., Varadarajan, R., Tran, N., Vandiver, B., Doshi, L., & Bear, C. (2012). The Vertica Analytic Database : C-Store 7 Years Later. Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, 5(12), 1790–1801.
  • Shrinivas, L., Bodagala, S., Varadarajan, R., Cary, A., Bharathan, V., & Bear, C. (2013). Materialization strategies in the Vertica analytic database: Lessons learned. In 2013 IEEE 29th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) (pp. 1196–1207). IEEE. doi:10.1109/ICDE.2013.6544909
Clearly there are also the papers on C-Store, MonetDB and similar.

What other papers are there which provide relevant details on the design of Vertica?
Is any of the information provided in the above 2 papers (or others suggested) no longer correct?

Given the paucity at this time, relative to other database platforms, of detailed technical information and guidance concerning Vertica, a collated set of references to useful information would be very helpful.


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    Dude, we've got ambitious day jobs developing the product!  It's hard to find time to write technical papers.  The C-store 7 years later paper is a pretty thorough walk through of the Vertica design.  Obviously, we're continually innovating on the design, so it's likely not completely accurate any more.  If you're hungry for more recent details, I would direct you to our documentation (http://www.vertica.com/documentation).  The Vertica Blog (http://www.vertica.com/blog) also includes a fair number of articles by engineers about technical details of using Vertica.

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