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New session rejected because of 50 session limit

When trying to talk to Vertica, we get rejected with the following error.

Severity: FATAL, Message: New session rejected due to limit, already 50 sessions active, Sqlstate: 57V03, Routine: addClientSession, File: /scratch_a/release/vbuild/vertica/Session/SessionManager.cpp, Line: 544
I'm not aware of where the 50 session limit is set. When I look at the number of active sessions, it is well below below 50. Is there a way I can raise the limit on the cluster? Or is it baked in?


  • There is a general parameter MaxClientSessions that controls the max number of client sessions for a single node. The default is 50. It can be changed via a select such as the following:
    SELECT SET_CONFIG_PARAMETER ('MaxClientSessions', 100);

    More info can be found in the Admin Guide under the "General Parameters"
    and "Managing Sessions" pages.

  • Thanks! That does it for us. 

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