R UDTF with ALL COLUMNS in Table

I am creating a Polymorphic Function in R and I wanted to test the following Query

SELECT PolymorphicFunc(* USING PARAMETERS x = 1) OVER() FROM test_Table;

But it returned an error, however if i name each column in the table it does work. Is this not implemented? Or did I messed up somewhere?

P.S. If it isn't it probably should be implemented.
P.S.2 : You have lots of R mistakes in the documentation, syntaxis, common practice and others. Contact me if you need help here.


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    Hi Said,

    "*" is often not available in SQL outside of the root of a SELECT statement and other relatively-restrictive special cases.  The danger is that it can turn a valid SQL statement into an invalid one just by adding a column to a table, etc.

    If you would find it useful, you're most likely to be heard if you post to the Ideas section of the site.

    The R docs are reviewed for basic correctness, but stuff may have slipped through, and we're certainly always open to ideas and improvements.  That's another case where, if you could drop a note in the "Ideas" section of the site, you're more likely to reach the right people.


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