Database Designer did not run successfully

When running the Database Designer the process fails. Can anyone suggest how I go about investigating this failure? The process continues to run in the background, preventing other use of the Database Designer, and so far requiring a database restart to resolve. Vertica 6.1.2 is being use with EE licence. Designer is being run in Query Specific mode, with one query provided. The output from Database Designer is:

Database Designer started.
    For large databases a design session could take a long time; allow it to complete uninterrupted.    Use Ctrl+C if you must cancel the session.
    Setting up design session...
    Examining table data...
    Loading queries from '/home/dbadmin/working/queries/Step1.sql'.        Processed 0 SQL statement(s), all accepted and considered in the design.
Unknown error while running Database Designer.Design process may still be executing in the background.

Designer did not run successfullyUnknown error while running Database Designer.Design process may still be executing in the background.
Press <Enter> to return to the Administration Tools menu.


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    Hi Neil,

    If you're using the Vertica Enterprise Edition, you should definitely file a support case for this issue.  It seems like something's going wrong, and they have the right tools to track down what's not working.

    You can file a support case by logging into http://my.vertica.com/ with your EE account; then just follow the links.

    I unfortunately don't recognize this issue offhand; though others here might be able to help.

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    Hello Neil,

    1. If the file was generated/extracted, be sure to remove header/footer rows
    2. Ensure that a semicolon is found after each statement. The statements
    can span multiple lines but must be terminated with a semicolon or the Database Designer
    will ignore them.

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