What are some of the features of HP Vertica Pulse?

Entity Extraction. HP Vertica Pulse will give you the sentiment on the entities in your text.For example, consider the sentence “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”. In this case, HP Vertica Pulse will extract both “fox” and “dog” from the sentence and assign a positive sentiment to the fox (it is “quick”), and a negative sentiment to the dog (it is “lazy”). With this feature, you can get a sense of the aspects of your product or service (or that of your competitors) that are top of mind for consumers.

Customization for your domain. We know that your domain and community might have jargon that is specific to it.  You can use customizable dictionaries to treat even phrases (such as “super bowl”) as entities on which to capture sentiment; and also to treat words of your choosing as positive or negative.

Aggregate and Drill-down Capability. Because HP Vertica Pulse provides in-database functionality, you can view your results in aggregate (for example, what are the most common entities mentioned by my community), as well as at comment-level.

Coexistence of text, sentiment, and business data. In-database functionality means you can store your business data and your users’ interests and sentiment in the same place.  No need to look for a third-party tool.

Performance and Scalability. Of course, HP Vertica Pulse leverages the underlying HP Vertica platform to utilize the compute resources in your cluster for performance and scalability.

Simplicity. HP Vertica Pulse is easily accessed from the SQL command line. A single SQL call will return both the entities and sentiment in your text. Our first demo was put together in hours.

Social Media Connector. The Social Media Connector is free software available to you on github (http://github.com/vertica/social-media-connector).  This connector uses the Twitter streaming API to collect tweets of interest and load them directly into a table in Vertica.  This functionality is not a part of HP Vertica Pulse today, but we hope that it will help you to get started quickly with HP Vertica Pulse.

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