Why bulk load of table is not working?

I have a small csv file I would like to bulk load into a Vertica 6.1 database table, this file has 92 lines.

dbadmin=> COPY games FROM '/tmp/games.csv' DELIMITER ',';   Rows Loaded  -------------            44

The file is 92 lines, but Vertica only loads 44 lines. As a test, I tried loading the same file in MySQL, and all 92 lines loaded fine.

I verified the file has 92 lines.

[root@localhost tmp]# cat /tmp/games.csv | wc -l  92

I opened the file and verified it has no unusual characters.

Any ideas?


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    The copy command has two args that should help you debug this. They are "exceptions filepath" and "rejected filepath". The exceptions file will have the detail on any records that were not loaded, e.g. not enough fields or field xyz not integer, etc. The rejected file will simply be all the rejected records so you can correct and load the balance from that file. Hope it helps.

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