Can Vertica be a EDW platform for large data warehouses?

Where exactly Vertica fits in the market?  Can Vertica replace Teradata?  Can Vertica be a EDW platform for large data warehouses?


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    Hi Mrao, 

    Vertica is a Analytics database, it can replace Teradata, Netezza, Greenplum and any other database. Define large data warehouse? We have customers with several PB of data. 

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    Thanks for the reply.

    My meaning of large data warehouse was that any largest warehouse in the world today (in PB).

    Vertica has any clients who replaced their Teradata/Netezza/Greenplum by Vertica, and why?


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    We have several customers with PBs of data, implementations with hundreds of nodes. 
    Yes we have customers that replaced their existing solutions for different reasons, each case could have different but it could bembecause better performance, lower cost, simplicity, etc. I recommend you to read the research reports (http://www.vertica.com/resources/research-reports/). 

    Contact directly a sales representative, they can give you more details.  http://www.vertica.com/about/contact-us/


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    Thanks for your comments and that helps.  I was mainly interested to know capabilities of Vertica against other EDW platforms.  Pls share if you have any comparison sheet.
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    Mrao - I am not sure if Vertica (or any vendor for that matter) is willing/can provide you with what you are looking for. I have done a pretty extensive side by side VLDB (very large db) products (Vertica, Greenplum, Teradata and two others) "bake-off" at work. On each contract we signed with the vendors there is a no-disclosure clause.

    There is good reason for that. Each product does have its own sweet spot at different data size and workload. The bottomline is - the products you mentioned are premier, top-of-the-line commercial analytics engines. They all have their glorious success stories/clients. 

    There is no question Vertica can handle PB size data load. I know for sure (from multiple sources, not just from Vertica) that some of their clients have been running high PB (10s, 100s) for years. 

    However, I am not sure if this answers your question. You really have to do some hands on tests (Vertica and other vendors can provide lab access to perspective customers) to simulate your workload in order to get some assurance.

    Hope this helps,


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