how do I restore the default superprojections after running Designer?

Hi Folks. I've run you Database Designer, but my queries are now about 25% slower. I posted this at why does running the database designer result in poorer performance?, but I've decided to revert to the default superprojections, which worked better for me. How do I do that? Thanks in advance.


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    Sorry that nobody replied yet! 
    I am not sure if you still have the issue but there is not an automatic way to recreate the default superprojection. what you can do is create table_new as select * from table_old limit 0; so it copies the table structure and then do insert into table_new select * from table_old and when the data is copied, drop table_old and then rename table_new to table_old. Hope this make sense. 

    However, the DBD should propose a better projection. I am wondering what the DBD deployed and it could had be related to the data type. Did you have a good sample?

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    Hi Eugenia!

    DBD creates a schema backup before deployment, so its very easy to restore it, whith out recreation a table - just extract a project from schema dump.

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