One Place to view health of Vertica

Teradata has a web based portal to view health of the system, which includes resource usage, space usage, queries status and their resource details etc.  The below link gives more information on that

This portal can be accessed by anyone.  It is easy to use and saves time on day to day activities.  The reports can be customized.

Is there a similar tool available in Vertica?



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    Are you familiar with the Vertica Management Console?  It is, similarly, a Web-based tool that provides a graphical display of the status of the cluster.
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    I am little familiar with it.  I will go through it.  thank you.
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    Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer

    There is also an option of Open source tool named Ganglia for Monitoring Vertica.

    Though, I couldn't find anything regarding configuring ganglia with vertica latest versions.

    Any document on configuring it will be great

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    Ganglia for monitoring Vertica shows as deprecated in version 6.0 and the downloads page does not include such package in version 7.0 , so in my opinion it is safe to assume that it is gone for good.  Ganglia without any vertica hooks is still a solid tool to be used for hardware monitoring and has its place in the stack.

    As far as management console and Teradata viewpoint, I think Vertica's MC caters to the database administrator, while Teradata's tools is useful for both end users and administrators alike.

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