Connecting from BIDS to Vertica

I am trying to connect to Vertica from microsoft analysis services. I could create a connection, and I can import tables in my datasource view. However I am getting the error "Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password" when trying to process the cube. I am wondering what should be the impersonation information set to? I am using community edition of Vertica 6.0


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    Same issue in our test.
    Sql Server 2012 Vertica 6.0.
    We are trying with Engine Tabular without success, but we would like to make a connection directly to Vertica db (without importing anything)
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    Hello Sujata, Alessandro,

    I am trying to configure an SSAS data source based on HP Vertica database, however I cannot find any talbes listed when I try to create a "Data Source View" based on this Data Source. Any help?

    Vertica Server: 6.x
    SSAS 2012

    Thanks in advance,

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