Error: Internal 5445

dbadmin=> SELECT MAKE_AHM_NOW();
INTERNAL 5445:  VIAssert(currAHMEpoch <= clusterLGE) failed
DETAIL:  /scratch_a/release/vbuild/vertica/Commands/PGCall.cpp: 13170
HINT:  Please report this error to Vertica; try restating your query


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    Something is seriously wrong with your cluster. AHM epoch should always be less than LGE epoch , but does not seem so in your case. You may want to add details like version, configuration and how did you discover this and the contents from select * from system;

    Looks like a bug to me...
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    It's on a dev cluster, so I just blatted it and re-created it. Not quite sure what led to it, but it's back to normal now, so I'll just keep my eyes open to see if it happens again. Thanks for the response. Neil
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    I do not think there is a straight forward solution for this. May be few projections causing this issue.
    Incase you face this further, you can open a CASE with HP Vertica technical support.

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    Thanks Shobhit, will do.

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