Error starting verticad -- "no spread installed"

I installed Vertica- and did /sbin/service verticad start.  It fails, and I get this error message:

"Vertica: No Spread installed"

Can someone tell me why spread is not installed?

Chris Consentino replied to this thread


and wrote, "Spread is installed automatically as part of Vertica. It is used for cluster communication when you have multiple nodes installed."

Also, the installation guide says:  "The install script also creates an operating system user called spread, which is responsible for running the spread daemon. User spread is non-configurable and is set to no login."

But when I look in /etc/passwd, there is no "spread" user.

Could this be because I have a single node configuration.


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    Vertica 7 does not create a 'spread' user and does not register a 'spreadd' service.  The verticad service has a bug where it refers to the spreadd service.  You can either delete the lines that reference spreadd in /etc/init.d/verticad or wait for a forthcoming bug fix.
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    Hey Ben, thanks for your attention to this matter.

    I deleted the lines in /etc/init.d/verticad that reference spreadd.  Then I still had trouble because the init script expects to find this file 


    and that file doesn't exist.  So I changed the init script to ignore that.  With that fix, the init script invokes this command:

        /opt/vertica/bin/adminTools -t command_host -cstart

    The command appears to run successfully but there is no verticad running afterward.  And this file


    ends like this ...

        Feb 15 18:08:20  [isOkToRun] owner of admintools.conf (dbauser) is dbadmin.  

        Feb 15 18:08:20  [commandLineCtrl.commandHost] processing start  

        Feb 15 18:08:20  [commandLineCtrl.commandHost] this host's DBs: {}  

        Feb 15 18:08:20  [commandLineCtrl.commandHost] up DBs: [] 

        Feb 15 18:08:20  [commandLineCtrl.commandHost] should have started a DB, but didn't 

        Feb 15 18:08:20  [commandLineCtrl.commandHost] overall status: 0 

    So it seems that I can't start verticad because there are no DBs defined, and I can't create a DB with adminTools because verticad isn't running.

    Please advise on how to proceed.  Thanks,


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    Do you have a database defined?  I don't see you say anything about creating a database (this is a separate step from installing Vertica).  If you fire up the "graphical" version of adminTools, you can find create database under 6 "Configuration Menu" then 1 "Create Database".

    If you have created a database, can you post the contents of admintools.conf?
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    Hey Ben,

    No, I'be been unable to create a database using the graphical version of adminTools.  When I try to do that, admin tools generates these error messages ...


        adminTools Last Chance Error Handler running...

        raised error:  <type 'exceptions.ValueError'>

        error message: No JSON object could be decoded

        trace file:  /opt/vertica/log/adminTools-dbadmin.errors




    The backtrace in the adminTools log show the error was coming from line 1197 in SSH.py.  So I added some print statements to SSH.py.  See here


        # step 2a: build VDatabase object

        vdcmd = getRemoteVDatabaseCommand(os.path.join(catalogPath, nodeCatalogs[ initiatorOffset ]))

        print "vdcmd: " + vdcmd

        status, ret = connection.execute(vdcmd, info_msg="Reading bootstrap catalog",hide=True)

        print "status: " + str(status)

        print "ret[1]: " + str(ret[1])

        db = VDatabase.VDatabase(jsonString="\n".join(ret[1]))


    Here's the output when I try to create a database ....


    vdcmd: /opt/vertica/oss/python/bin/python -m vertica.config.VDatabase /home/dbadmin/vmartdb/v_vmartdb_node0001_catalog /opt/vertica
    status: False
    ret[1]: ['Traceback (most recent call last):', ' 
    File "/opt/vertica/oss/python/lib/python2.7/runpy.py", line 162, in  _run_module_as_main', '    "__main__", fname, loader, pkg_name)', '  
    File "/opt/vertica/oss/python/lib/python2.7/runpy.py", line 72, in _run_code', '    exec code in run_globals', '  
    File "/opt/vertica/share/eggs/vertica/config/VDatabase.py", line 283, in <module>', '    db.loadFromCatalog(ce)', '  
    File "/opt/vertica/share/eggs/vertica/config/VDatabase.py", line 136,in loadFromCatalog', '    self.name = ce.sendCmd("get singletonDatabase name").strip()', '  
    File "/opt/vertica/oss/python/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vertica/tools/CatalogEditor.py", line 53, in sendCmd', '    self.ceproc.stdin.write(cmd+"\\n")', 'IOError: [Errno 32] Broken pipe', "Exception OSError: (32, 'Broken pipe') in <bound method CatalogEditor.__del__ of <vertica.tools.CatalogEditor.CatalogEditor instance at 0x25989e0>> ignored"]


    So adminTools is failing in sendCmd method in the CatelogEditor class.    



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    Your database catalog directory is something like /home/dbadmin/mydb/v_mydb_node0001_catalog
    (You can find it in /opt/vertica/config/admintools.conf)
    Can you do an 'ls' in that directory?
    I suspect the database directory is not properly set up.

    One of my (running) dbs looks like:
    [dbadmin@host01 v_acme_inc_db_node0001_catalog]$ ls
    bootstrap-catalog.log  CopyErrorLogs  debug_log.conf  ErrorReport.txt  Snapshots           spread.conf  startup.log  UDxLogs       vertica.log              vertica.log-20140215.gz  vertica.pid
    Catalog                DataCollector  editor.log      Libraries        spread.backup.conf  spread.pid   tmp          vertica.conf  vertica.log-20140214.gz  vertica.log-20140216.gz

    If you can find the editor.log file in the directory and include any errors you see in that, that would also be helpful.
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    Hey Ben,

    Here's what's in that directory ...

    [dbadmin@ip-172-31-21-166 ~]$ ls -laF /home/dbadmin/vmartdb/v_vmartdb_node0001_catalog
    drwx------. 9 dbadmin verticadba  4096 Feb 15 23:31 ./
    drwxr-xr-x. 4 dbadmin verticadba  4096 Feb 15 23:31 ../
    -rw-------. 1 dbadmin verticadba  3102 Feb 15 23:31 bootstrap-catalog.log
    drwx------. 4 dbadmin verticadba  4096 Feb 15 23:31 Catalog/
    drwx------. 2 dbadmin verticadba  4096 Feb 15 23:31 CopyErrorLogs/
    drwxr-x---. 2 dbadmin verticadba 20480 Feb 15 23:31 DataCollector/
    -rw-------. 1 dbadmin verticadba  2199 Feb 15 23:31 debug_log.conf
    drwx------. 2 dbadmin verticadba  4096 Feb 15 23:31 Libraries/
    drwx------. 2 dbadmin verticadba  4096 Feb 15 23:31 Snapshots/
    -rw-------. 1 dbadmin verticadba   262 Feb 15 23:31 spread.conf
    drwx------. 2 dbadmin verticadba  4096 Feb 15 23:31 tmp/
    drwx------. 2 dbadmin verticadba  4096 Feb 15 23:31 UDxLogs/
    -rw-------. 1 dbadmin verticadba   921 Feb 15 23:31 vertica.conf
    [dbadmin@ip-172-31-21-166 ~]$ 

    There is no editor.log to share.



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    Hmm... what is the output of:
    /opt/vertica/oss/python/bin/python -m vertica.config.VDatabase /home/dbadmin/vmartdb/v_vmartdb_node0001_catalog /opt/vertica
    If that produces a traceback, can you instead run:
    /opt/vertica/bin/vertica -Eversions -D 
    (all of this should be done as the dbadmin user - I'm currently suspecting some sort of permissions issue)
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    Hey Ben,

    It's working now.  I tried running the vertica subprocess from the command line, and it went like this ...

    [dbadmin@ip-172-31-21-166 ~]$ /opt/vertica/bin/vertica -D
    /home/dbadmin/vmartdb/v_vmartdb_node0001_catalog -E
    ERROR: Host does not meet minimum requirements:
    Not enough open file handles allowed (1024 available/32768 required); see 'ulimit -n'.
    [dbadmin@ip-172-31-21-166 ~]$

    So I changed ulimits for the dbadmin user and all is well.

    You might want to consider adding the file handle check to the install_vertica script.

    Thanks for your help with this.


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    Interesting.  The install_vertica does try that check.  I'll investigate.  Glad to hear that things are working for you now.

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