Automatic deployment

Hi All,

I want make automatic deployment vertica, but I see very heavy process for download packages. 

Do you known right way for download packages (repository, ftp)?


  • Not sure i understand the  question correctly. The automatic deployment is somewhat delicate because various error checks must be passed or corrected before a cluster can be setup. The deployment of a distributed database is not as simple as installing an RPM. Again , not sure I am answering your question.
  • Yep, I understand it's very complex task, but to start I need download packages through scripts :)

    Of course, I can download through curl from customer portal, but it's not good way.
  • Hi Anton,

    It sounds to me like what you're trying to do is ship Vertica as an OEM?  Our sales team would be glad to discuss licensing terms with you.  If you have a license that allows redistribution, we can sort out the technology.  (If you already have such a license, please get in touch with either your sales contact or with Vertica Support.)

    We recently released the Vertica Marketplace ( ); there are several forum threads from the Marketplace maintainers asking for feedback.  If you would like an easy way for people to download content that they have already purchased or licensed (or for scripts to download that content on peoples' behalf), I would strongly encourage you to get in touch with our Marketplace folks by posting on one of those threads.  We know it's something that people probably want, but it becomes more important if real users ask for it.

    Of course, if this is just for you, once you have your copy of Vertica, how you get it onto the right computer is up to you.  For example, you could put the .rpm on one computer and use "scp" to move it to another.


  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your answer.

    This is not an OEM; We are automating deployment under an existing license.

    We saw you provide an EC2 image and thought that you might have a Linux repository available.

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