Projection refresh keeps failing

I can't get a new projection refreshed successfully. I'm creating a multi-column project on a table like this :

proj1(A_id ENCODING RLE, f_number ENCODING RLE, val, Data_id) 
As SELECT A_id,f_number,val,Data_id from table1 
ORDER BY f_number;

the table already has 2 projections beside the one I'm trying to create...1 super projection and another single column projection on A_id.

I do SELECT start_refresh() and wait, but the refresh keeps failing and starts agin from the beginning, I see this in the PROJECTION_REFRESHES.refresh_failure_count

I close all sessions before I refresh to make sure no locks are acquired by any sessions that may interrupt the refresh. The table has 4+ billion rows.

What should I do to get my projection refreshed ???

Some info from PROJECT_REFRESHES :
projection_name | proj1
anchor_table_name | table1
refresh_status | refreshing
refresh_phase | historical
refresh_method | scratch
refresh_failure_count | 2
refresh_duration_sec | 1066
is_executing | t
runtime_priority | MEDIUM


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    I am in the same situation too. Projection refresh for ~150 billion rows has been running for days and it has already failed twice. 3rd attempt by vertica is in progress.

    Any update on this as to how to troubleshoot?
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     Check the Refresh pool definition. 
    Concurrent threads are not used in such action, only memory MEMORYSIZE param can be altered to gain more performance.
    Post some of you vertica.log action during you refresh.

    Take a look at :
    select * from resource_pool_status where pool_name ='refresh';

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