Node Status Down

Couldn't start the database after upgrading to V7.
Node Status: v_analytics_node0001: (DOWN)
Node Status: v_analytics_node0001: (DOWN) Error starting database, no nodes are up
After click continue, got this message:"Database startup failed, but enough information is available to start the database from a previous epoch.  WARNING: if you say 'yes', changes made to database after '0' (epoch 0) will be permanently lost."
What's the issue? Should I start from 0 epoch? I don't want to lose any data.


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    If you will start from epoch 0, so 99.999999% you will lose data.

    1. Can you run CRC and indexer check?

    2. Collect logs and share them somewhere
    * dbLog
    * startup.log
    * vertica.log

    be sure that any sensitive info is deleted!
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    Vertica 7.1

  (DOWN) --- > node0003 (UP)       ----> node0002 (UP)       ----> node0001



    Startup.log- is Empty

    Vertica.log - Not shows error


    Error : failed with exit code 1. Check /home/dbadmin/S2_bigdata/dbLog for more information.
    Press RETURN to continue



    ps -ef | grep spread


    spread is not run for Down node.



    tail -f  /home/dbadmin/S2_bigdata/dbLog


    vertica: invalid data in PID file [/home/dbadmin/XXXXXXXX/XXXX]

  :  vi /home/dbadmin/S2_bigdata/v_s2_bigdata_node0003_catalog/vertica.pid


    file is Empty

  : vi /home/dbadmin/S2_bigdata/v_s2_bigdata_node0002_catalog/vertica.pid




    copy this content and paste vi /home/dbadmin/S2_bigdata/v_s2_bigdata_node0003_catalog/vertica.pid file  and change 




    save this file 


    and finally 


    /opt/vertica/sbin/verticad start


    and Enter your dbadmin Password Its automattically startup your node.



  (UP)       --- > node0003 (UP)       ----> node0002 (UP)       ----> node0001

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