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Is adding new column to vertica table expensive?

If I have large table with ex. 500milion rows, is adding new column with no value exspensive? Is there some description in documentation about this. Thanks, Josip


  • No. No value should be immediately
    tested on 20TB, Vertica 7
  • Thanks Daniel. Is there any summary of that test or something about that?
  • Hi!

    Just say what I did and what I can confirm :)
  • Thanks one more time :)

  • Thanks Daniel for the real-world data.

    We intend that this sort of operation should be fast.  So, it's good to have someone else confirm that it actually is :-)

    For what it's worth, as a column-store database, it is our design intention that column-level operations such as adding columns should always be cheap, whether you have 500 million rows, 500 billion rows, or even more than that.


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