Analyze Workload operation has failed on Database

I am using Vertica 6.1.3 and MC.
When I use Analyze Workload from MC I get the following Error on Message Center:
Analyze Workload operation has failed on Database! - Could not connect to Database.
  • actually MC is connected to the DB 
  • If I analyze current sessions I can see "ANALYZE_WORKLOAD()"
  • The tuning recommendations are refreshed , so the workload is executed correctly.
Why do I get this message? Is there a way to solve this issue?

thank you,


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    ...hm...may be a lot of reasons.
    WLA is a heavy operation so it can be some timeout trigger due long connection with no response and it can be anywhere in configurations: TomCat?(what is a servlet container?), in server(system with Vertica), in client(MC/system).

    Can you check when connection closed/aborted?
    * you can try via session profiling(but you need to enable it first)
    * from table sessions extract a session_id and in logs (vertica.log) to check when it aborted.
    (actually check all session, with grep its very easy while session_id is unique)
    * im not familiar with MC, but I believe MC also has logs


    * WLA can run in background while connection is lost, so task is finished, but you don't know about it (so may be it a feature and just no message suppression :))
    * if you get it constantly/frequently - check interval/delta when query/session aborted. Does interval around some value(+/-1sec)? If so, check environment for timeout trigger.
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    Workload Analyze kicks off every day, once a day, in the Management Console at the same time.

    Sometimes, this task fails, for no reason and the following is reported in the mconsole.log:

    SUMMARY:Analyze Workload operation has failed on Database
    Time of occurance:27 Jan 2014 10:01:33
    Number of occurances of this message:1 (Last occurance at: 27 Jan 2014 10:01:33)
    Description:[''Could not connect to database'']

    The connection to the database does work, since manually starting the Analyze Workload from the Management Console should work.


    To get rid of the errors, remove the cluster from the Management Console display and then re-import.

    This usually corrects the problem.

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