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Node down in a cluster.


What will happen to the clients or data if a node down in the cluster?

clients will work noramlly and all data can be retrieved?



  • Hi,

    It depends on the ksafety of your cluster. If it is ksafe=1, then if one node goes down, then your database would keep running, though it would have some impact on performance. No data loss would be there and you can carry on your work.
    And once you corrected the problem of down node and restarted it. It will go in recovery and recover the missing data from other UP nodes.

    In case of ksafety=0, if a node goes down, your complete cluster will be shutdown and any data in the WOS would be lost.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for fast reply,

    I am not aware of about this ksafty. Can you please suggest a link to read ?

    how to check it is ksafe=0 or 1 in a cluster?


  • A simple google search results in this link

    Hope this helps. 

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