Management console for vmware edition of vertica

Hi, I recently downloaded the vmware edition 64 bit. I am able to work with the vertica databases. However, I am not sure if management cosnole is available on my vmware edition. ( on windows). Can anyone let me know how to check or install rpm for managemet console on vmware ? Is it same as the actual manegemt console for linux ?


  • Hello,

    You can check if the Management Console is installed by running:

    rpm -qa | grep vertica

    You will see "vertica-console-7...." listed if it is installed.

    If it is not installed, simply download the Community Edition MC (from within your VM) and install it according to the instructions in the Installation Guide.

    There is no separate "VM-only" download for the Management Console.

    Let us know if this helps!
  • Thank you for the reply.. so I understand once Vertical on linux vmware product is installed, the add on products like MC can be installed as if the main vertica installation is a real one.( when the VM is running)... correct ? 
  • Correct! 

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