Accesing dimensional data on external Oracle DB

Hi community,

We want to build a data analytic process in Vertica using facts from files and some dimensional data as is in existing Oracle DB tables.
I saw in other posts that there is a package developed for Vertica which allows ODBC access for example to an Oracle DB:
My questions are:
- is this ODBC connection supported in Vertica?
- is there an official HP Vertica component for direct access to Oracle DB (for importing or qerying reference input data)
- what are best practises or alternatives in connecting external Oracle DB to use the dimensional data as maintained in the source (as opposed to loading periodically such data into Vertica DB)



  • Hi bigdatapresales, To answer your questions: First, Vertica does not provide formal support for this connector. It is a community-supported package. There is not an official supported Vertica Oracle connector with the capabilities that you describe. Our presales process is set up to answer all kinds of questions regarding connectivity, etc. Your sales representative can help you set things up, and may have access to resources that are not released to the community at this time. In my personal experience, I would strongly recommend that you at least try loading the data into Vertica. Much of our performance comes from our ability to manage and optimize data storage. Your case may be different, of course. But we often do see a dramatic performance improvement for local vs remote data. Adam

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