Export Vertica Tables into CSV Files

Hi, I have a file with 1 million rows in it, and I am trying to export it to a CSV File using vsql.

Unfortunately it is not exporting all 1 million rows to CSV File, it only exports 10,000 rows in my case.

If there any setting/configuration that is stopping vsql from exporting all the rows from the table..

Apart from vsql, what are the other ways to export Vetica Table in CSV format?



  • Hi Shiv, Hm... vsql will always export all of the data that you ask for. What query/command are you running? Are you piping through another command? Are you possibly running out of disk space or quota? Thanks, Adam
  • Thanks Adam.

    Let me check one more time. 

    Is there any other option apart from vsql to export data to a file ??

  • Hi Siva, Vertica does not provide two CSV export tools, but there are many third-party tools that can connect via JDBC or ODBC and export data however you want. If you could describe your need in more detail, others here could probably recommend an appropriate tool. Let us know if you are still having trouble with vsql; it is intended to work properly for this purpose. If it's not working for you, I would be surprised, and would certainly want to get that fixed right away. Thanks, Adam
  • Hi Adam, 

    Thank You.

    I am looking out for more advanced export option. where I can export Tables in binary format and also in compressed format.

    Besides, we are looking at Vertica as our MPP solution, and checking different ways to upload and download the data from and to Vertica (we don't want to invest into an ETL Tool)

    We are planning to layer it in line with our HPC cluster, and looking out for options that can push huge amounts of data utilizing MPP strengths.

    I have recently seen some great feature in Paraccel where they allow us to export multiple small files generated by each compute on the cluster, instead of creating one big file for a Table. Do we have any thing similar to this in Vertica?

    I will get back to you on the vsql thing.

  • I verified vsql and it is exporting dataset properly, I have a question for you, can we use a vsql command in ADO.Net application to perform exports ?
  • Did you find a way to export in compressed format?

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