infinite loop during create database on 3 node.

Vertica 7.0.0 community edition stacks during creation of a database in a 3 node cluster . It seems to loop on : 2014-02-09 18:09:05.949 Init Session:0x7fc220019980 @v_dwh_node0001: {SessionRun} 57V03/5785: Cluster Status Request by ***********:34171 HINT: Cluster State: dwh INITIALIZING: 1 of 3 (v_dwh_node0001) ---- LOCATION: initSession, /scratch_a/release/vbuild/vertica/Session/ClientSession.cpp:429 I verify the network , and its all ok: [root@********* ~]# tracepath vertica03-priv/5433 1: vertica01-priv (**********) 0.151ms pmtu 1500 1: vertica03-priv (**********) 0.517ms reached Resume: pmtu 1500 hops 1 back 64 The iptables and ip6tables are obviously down .


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    Sorry to hear that you're having problems creating a DB.

    Can you post the last couple of entries from startup.log (located in the same directory as vertica.log - you should look at all 3 nodes)

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