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Hello guys!
I have a problem, I must know the database size, how I can do it?


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    If you are looking for the raw size in the context of license usage in the Admin Guide there's a page entitled "Monitoring Database Size for License Compliance" and on that page it shows how to use a get_compliance_status.

    If you are talking real physical size in byes on disk you can use the projection_storage and column_storage system tables. Those are all covered in the SQL Reference Guide under the Vertica System Tables section.

    I hope it helps.
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    I didn't understand or with projection_storage and column_storage I have to use these commands for each table?
    If so, there isn't a way to know the total physical size of the database?
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    You can get total or drill down to some level of granularity. Below is an example of the projection_storage and getting total size or total per node.

    ndw=> select sum(used_bytes) from projection_storage;
    (1 row)

    ndw=> select node_name,sum(used_bytes) from projection_storage group by node_name;
       node_name    |   sum
     v_ndw_node0001 | 1373835
     v_ndw_node0002 | 1354463
     v_ndw_node0003 | 1358841
    (3 rows)

    And here's a look at the compliance raw data size for the same db, noting that above I have 4MB actual size (after compression) and below I have 10MB raw size (before compression).

    ndw=> select get_compliance_status();
     Raw Data Size: 0.01GB +/- 0.00GB
     License Size : 500.00GB
     Utilization  : 0%
     Audit Time   : 2014-03-07 12:13:09.864402-05
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    thanks a lot :)
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    Hi Nicola,

    In addition to what Steve mentioned, you can also take a look at the AUDIT function which estimates the raw data size of a database, a schema, a projection, or a table as it is counted in an audit of the database size. More info on this function can be found here:



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