Getting error while installing Vertica console

rpm -i vertica-console-7.0.0-0.x86_64.RHEL5.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
        /bin/sh is needed by vertica-console-7.0.0-0.x86_64
        rtld(GNU_HASH) is needed by vertica-console-7.0.0-0.x86_64

Bash is "/bin/sh"


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    Hi Siddarth,

    what version of vertical do you have installed? console version should match with Vertica version.


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    Hi Bhawana,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Its not mandatory that Vertica MC and Vertica server version should match. And I am getting this error while installing MC which is in a separate server independent of vertica cluster.

    As of now I have installed it using a workaround, but still wants to know how to fix it. May be some package is missing as someone cleaned /var by mistake and we had to restore the server.

    Best regards,
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    Hi  Siddarth 
    i have found the rpm for a long time,can you tell me where to download it?
    thank you very much!
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    You can download it from my Vertica.


    Create a profile and start downloading :)

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    thank you 

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