How do you purge the Message Center?

I have a Vertica cluster with the Management Console installed on a separate server (running 7.0.1 but upgraded from 6.x).
I have collected a large number of warning events over the life of this system and every time I come into Message Center I get a dialog box "More than 500 records found.  Returning first 500 matching records."
From the "Overview" tab there are ~200,000 warning messages in the "All" column.
If I use the "Select All" and then "Delete Msgs" buttons at the top of the Message Center it seems to only delete a hundred or so records at a time.
I would like to start fresh now that I have upgraded to 7.0.1 and purge all of the old messages.  Does anyone know how can I purge all of the old messages?



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    I have the same question from another customer in California. Posted it here. If there is a way to relate the 2 posts that will be great.

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    If it is possible for the environment, one easy way to reset the messages, is to remove the monitored clusters from the GUI display and then re-import them.
    The messages in the Message Center will only be those from the time of DB import.
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    Assuming it is not feasable to remove the cluster and rejoin..

    Is there a true way to purge the message center and to stop it from collecting "info" alerts..

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