How to dump data from a table using jdbc locally.

Need to dump records from Vertica tables using jdbc connection on local machine from where we have setup a jdbc connection.


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    Hi Siddarth,

    This is typically done in two parts.

    First, it is very easy to retrieve a recordset from Vertica -- just run a SELECT statement.

    Once you have the recordset, if you do a Web search for "jdbc to file", you will find many packages that will take that recordset and directly export it to a file in any of a variety of different formats.

    There's an example on the CsvJdbc homepage:

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    Hi Adam,

    My requirement is that I have a Vertica running on server-1 and jdbc job running on server-2.

    Now I want to dump data from Vertica tables in Server-1 to Server-2 using my jdbc client application.

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    Great!  The above example will work perfectly for that use case.

    If you have a different use case, feel free to clarify and/or re-post.
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    Thanks a lot Adam!!

    I will explore this further.

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