HP Vertica Pulse installation issues

I downloaded HP Vertica 7.0.1 Virtual Machines. I downloaded vmware server 2.0 and workstation 7.0 (vmdk). I set up vertica Db as instructed. The vmart Db is up and running. I downloaded JDK 7 and installed in VM. I set JavaBinaryForUdx. I installed vertica-pulse-7.0.1-0.x86_64.RHEL5.rpm. Then I executed pulse install.sql, refreshDictionaries.sql and loadstandard.sql.
Everything was successful. Now I try to run the sql.

select sentimentanalysis('Cookies are sweet') OVER(PARTITION AUTO);
I get following error
ERROR 3399:  Failure in UDx RPC call InvokeSetup(): Unexpected exception in User Defined Object [SentimentAnalysis]
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
        at opennlp.model.AbstractModelReader.getParameters(AbstractModelReader.java:144)

Any idea? Thanks.


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    PRanaPRana Employee
    Hi Muthu,

    The error suggests that that the jvm ran out of memory. Please use the following command inside vertica to allocate more memory to the jvm.

    alter resource pool JVM maxmemorysize '6G' plannedconcurrency 1;

    Please note that the above settings will allow you to run pulse quesries from only one session concurrently. If you expect to run pulse queries from multiple sessions concurrently e.g. 4, then set the plannedconcurrency to 4 and maxmemorysize to 6*4 i.e. 24

    Please let us know if this helps.

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    Thanks Pratibha. 

    I downloaded VM with Vertica. This is the configuration as per vertica documentation.
    • The VM image is preconfigured with the following hardware settings:
      • 1 CPU
      • 1024 MB RAM
      • 50 GB Hard Disk (SCSI, not preallocated, single file storage)
    I tried the command. I got the following error.

    alter resource pool JVM maxmemorysize '6G'plannedconcurrency 1;
    ROLLBACK 3912:  maxMemorySize of 6G [6291456 KB] is not in bounds [max is 877982 KB]

    So I tried this

    alter resource pool JVM maxmemorysize '800M'plannedconcurrency 1;ALTER RESOURCE POOL
    dbadmin=> select SentimentAnalysis('Cookies are sweet') OVER(PARTITION AUTO);
     sentence | attribute | sentiment_score 
            1 | cookies   |               1

    What should be the optimum memory size for doing any meaningful work?
    Will I be able to use VM provided by Vertica for any Vertica Pulse POC work? Will I run into issues because of memory?


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    My host is Windows 7 with RAM size of 8GB.
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    PRanaPRana Employee
    Hi Muthu,

    We suggest you use 25% of your RAM size or altleast 2G. So I think for you setting the maxmemorysize to 2G should do the trick.


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