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We are migrating from a Debian hosted Vertica cluster to a Red Hat cluster.  When I run the install on the Red Hat cluster, I am asked for a password once for one of my nodes.  If I hit ENTER, the installation continues and succeeds.  My issue is that I am trying to setup a script which will install Vertica without user intervention.  Does anyone know what might be causing this password prompt?

[grindel@verticanode00-stg ~]$ sudo su -  [root@verticanode00-stg ~]# /opt/vertica/sbin/install_vertica -z /tmp/vertica_install_options  Vertica Analytic Database 6.1.3-0 Installation Tool
Starting installation tasks... 
Getting system information for cluster (this may take a while)....
Enter password for root@ (2 attempts left):


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    Hi Chuck,

    The installer is asking for the dbadmin account password for remote hosts, this is normal behaviour. You can include the -P parameter with the root password when running the script in order to prevent the installer from prompting.

    You can find more details on this parameter and others in the following install doc page:


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    Thanks for the reply, Mitch.  What is baffling is that I am specifying the dbadmin password in the options file.  Also, it only ever asks for one node, not all of them.

    If the dbadmin account existed previously (e.g. added during server setup), could that cause this behavior?

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    Since you are installing as root, the password it is prompting you for is the root password on all other machines. Since all nodes are supposed to be set up identically, we only prompt once. Using -P and providing the root password will prevent this prompt.

    If you install using sudo instead, -P will become the dbadmin password.

    - Mitch

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