Social Media Connector installation

Is there any step by step social media connector installation guide?
I checked at Github. 


  • I am providing more information.

    I downloaded Social Media Connector. I unzipped it and copied all 3rd party software under thrirdparty/dist. Then ran make flume. I get following errors.

    [root@vertica Social-Media-Connector-master]# make flume
    mkdir -p build/classes
    touch build/.done
    readlink: extra operand 'Pulse/Social'
    Try 'readlink --help' for more information.
    mkdir -p dist
    cd dist && tar xvf 
    tar: Old option 'f' requires an argument.
    Try 'tar --help' or 'tar --usage' for more information.
    make: *** [/home/dbadmin/Vertica] Error 2

  • Hi Muthu,

    Unfortunately, I can't comment on the above, but there are a couple of places for help with Social Media Connector installation:

    1. On Github, see the Readme file
    2. In the HP Vertica Pulse download, there is a 'visualization example' directory.  That directory has a 'quick start' guide that contains instructions for setting up the social media connector.

    Hope this helps.


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