All tables structure getting lost once restart the database

Hi Team,

I am not sure what is issue here. But i am not able to find the table once I stop and start the Vertica Database.

Steps I followed

1.       Start Database[User: dbadmin]

2.       Create one dummy table and inserted few records.

3.       Commit.

4.       Quit from database(\q).

5.       Stop and start the database.

6.       Login again with dbadmin user.

So when I checked, table is not available. I tried couple of time but i am getting the same issue.

--Noor Ahmed


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    Hi Noor,

    This sounds similar to the following issue:


    The issue there was some sort of installation or environmental issue -- was never entirely clear; but the OP uninstalled Vertica and did a clean install from the same RPM and suddenly it started working.  (Feel free to review that thread for more details.)

    We have seen similar issues when running Vertica on top of a fancy filesystem that supports snapshots and backups, if the snapshotting machinery has a bug such that it causes the filesystem to roll back automatically even when people didn't intend to use it.  We recommend using the simplest-possible filesystem configuration; Vertica's backup tools already provide efficient snapshots at the application level, without the need for filesystem support.

    Anyway, let us know if that helps.

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    Hi Adam, 

    I think surely it is some installation issue only. I also noticed that, before stopping the database if i take a backup and restore it back before starting Database then i am not losing neither DDL not DML.

    Any how thanks, I will try to reinstall check this bug once again.

    --Noor Ahmed
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    Hi Adam,

    I have completely reintalled RPM as well as Vertica DB. Everything looks fine to me.

    --Noor Ahmed

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