how to find vertica write per sec

how to find vertica write per sec i am using this query to find
SELECT  node_name,
  round(min(start_time), 'MI') as start_time,
  round(max(end_time), 'MI') as end_time,
  round( ( (sum(total_read_bytes_end_value - total_read_bytes_start_value) / 1024) / 
           (datediff('millisecond', min(start_time), max(end_time)) / 1000.0) )::float, 2) as read_kbytes_per_sec,
  round( ( (sum(total_written_bytes_end_value - total_written_bytes_start_value) / 1024) / 
           (datediff('millisecond', min(start_time), max(end_time)) / 1000.0) )::float, 2) as written_kbytes_per_sec FROM v_internal.dc_io_info_by_minute GROUP BY node_name, round(start_time, 'MI') ORDER BY 2 desc ; 


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    Hi ,
    you can use system_resource_usage which give you avg cpu , memory ,network sent and receive and also I/O read & write per minute.

    Hope that helps 

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    Thank Zvika, it is very helpfull.
     I/O read & write per minute we get in io_read_kbytes_per_second,io_written_kbytes_per_second.
    is there way to convert these numbers into rows per second.

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    try query_profiles .

    it will give you for non executing queries the num rows processed and the time the query ran .
    then you will be able to see the rows/sec for the query .


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