Create Flex Table

I am working on flex table.
i have to load data using json files. 
can i create a flex table like -
Create flex table flexTable(key1 timestamp default key2::tiestamp);
copy flexTable from 'path/file.json' parser fjsonparser();


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    Hi Naveen,

    I unfortunately don't know the answer offhand; I would suggest that you create some example data and try it :-)

    If it doesn't work, you could try replacing "key2" with a map-extract expression; something like "map_lookup(__raw__, 'key1')":

    Create flex table flexTable(key1 timestamp default map_lookup(__raw__, 'key2')::timestamp);

    Uglier, but, means the same thing.  (The "__raw__" column and the "map_lookup()" function are described in the Flex documentation.)

    Note that this will error out if 'key2' doesn't contain a valid timestamp.

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    Hi Adam,
    Thanks for you response.
    I tried many queries with default key but its not working , it is not assigning the default value. 
    Can u check it for me?
    and can u tell me one thing , Is there any way to check constraint violations on flex table.
    I posted a question related to discard duplicate data in flex table, but unfortunately i didn't get any reply.

    Thanks again .


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