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imagehi dear!
i install the vertica-console,and i can login the platform.but i think the page doesn't show all the content.
for example,the "recent databases".is there any other thing below and my page doesn't show it?
is there anyone can hell me the truth?


  • Recent databases only gets populated when you have clicked on a database recently. Think of it like the "recent files" list in Word or Excel.
  • hi Curtis, thank you very much!
    but i still can't understand. Where  is the database  list?And how can i click it?
  • Click on Databases and clusters. If there's nothing there, it's possible it's configured incorrectly.  Is MC installed on the same server as the database?  (or one of them, in the case of a multi-node database?) Is there database up and running?

  • ok,i will try.thank you!

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