Loading Bulk data

when i tried to Load a json file to a flex table, I got such error.
 copy flextable from 'path' parser fjsonparser();

ERROR 5861:  Error calling process() in User Function UDParser at [src/JSONParser.cpp:376], error code: 0, message: Unrecoverable parse exception while processing partition: [Corrupt JSON file:  Tried to add element '[0]' when not in an array or prefixed by a map key.  (If you want to parse flat values, see FDelimitedParser and/or UCsvParser.) on record # [3649449]] while parsing JSON data for row [64150] with [3649448] Bytes consumed.

File size is 4.2GB


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    It believes you have a corrupt JSON file. Is there something about the file that would cause it to believe that?

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