invalid permissions on /opt/vertica when running update_vertica

I'm trying to add a fourth host to my cluster and I get a permissions error.  Here is the output (actual ip's redacted)

"Detected invalid permissions on /opt/vertica directories on the following hosts: ['ip-of-node-2', 'ip-of-node-3']

Permissions must be set to 755 or higher for install_vertica to work correctly.

Installation FAILED with errors."

The permissions of /opt/vertica are 755 on the two servers that are having issues.  Those are the same as the permissions on node1 and the new node I'm trying to add.

If the permissions problem is with some subdirectory under /opt/vertica how can I tell which directory or directories are incorrect?  There are hundreds if not thousands of directories under /opt/vertica so auditing the permissions of every directory seems like a very time-consuming task.

Please help me move the install script past this permissions error.


  • Hi bardito,

    I don't know the specific issue here; but if you're hitting an issue like this, you're welcome to contact Vertica Support, by logging into and following the appropriate menu-bar links.  (Adding a fourth node to a cluster requires an Enterprise account and license anyway; might as well make use of it :-) )

    An offhand guess -- does the directory have the correct owner (user and group) as well?

    Also, I know /opt/vertica/config/ is particularly sensitive to permissions issues, as some of our tools must be able to write configuration files there.

    You could also look through /opt/vertica/log/ (on the node running the installer and/or the affected nodes); the installer logs various debugging information there that might be helpful.

  • Thanks Adam.
    I actually found that it was the directories under /opt/vertica/data/<mydb>/v<my_db>nodeX/

    Some of those had different permissions/ownership than the others.

    Thanks for the prompt reply.


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