Management Console compatibility with earlier and later Vertica versions

I am currently running MC 6.1.3 on a server apart from my Vertica clusters.
I am also running Vertica database versions 6.1.3 and 7.1.
Must I install a second instance of the MC 7.1 to handle the 7.1 Vertica instances or can I keep just one instance of the MC and have it connected to all the Vertica databases regardless of version?
If I only need one instance of the MC, which version of the MC supports my 2 versions?


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    From Supported Platforms on the webpage -

    HP Vertica Server and Management ConsoleCompatibility

    Each version of Vertica Analytic Database Management Console is compatible only with the
    matching version of the Vertica Analytic Database server. For example, the Vertica Analytic
    Database 7.1 server is supported with Vertica Analytic Database 7.1 Management Console only.

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