Flex Table Query

After loading data into a flex table from a comma separated file. I can run a query 'select * from my_flex_table' and get all of my fields and their appropriate values. However, when I query specific fields like 'select did, subject_id from my_flex_table', the second field (subject_id) contains no values even though you can see them in the __raw__ field in the table. What am I missing?

This looks suspicious:

 SELECT * FROM v_catalog.materialize_flextable_columns_results WHERE table_schema = 'gene' and table_name = 'subject_did_map';
     table_id      | table_schema |   table_name    |         creation_time         |  key_name  | status |      message      
       | ADDED  | Added successfullysubject_did_map | 2014-04-14 18:43:23.008514-07 | did
 45035996277657934 | gene         | subject_did_map | 2014-04-14 18:43:23.008567-07 | subject_id | ADDED  | Added successfully

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