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5365: User available location ["string"] does not exist on node ["string"]

Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
Hello All,

I cam across this error while trying to add and grant storage locations to a new user.

Basically my requirement is loading data from files.

The storage location where all my files reside are is /mnt/data/

Now , I am not much aware of this works, but I thinks its shared NFS.

df -h
Filesystem                    Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on  xxT  xxT  xxT  61% /mnt/data

This is how the location looks. Now I have sub directories under /mnt/data/

If I understand correctly for a new user to load data he needs to have a storage location added from where the data is going to be loaded(location of flat files) and then granted the access to this new user.

I did the same 

SELECT ADD_LOCATION('/mnt/data/','xxxxxx','USER');

It was added successfully

GRANT ALL ON LOCATION '/mnt/data/' on xxxxxxto etluser;

This gives me error 
ROLLBACK 5365:  User available location ["/mnt/data/"] does not exist on node ["xxxxxx"]

I checked in the storage_locations  table and it shows the newly added location.

What might be causing this error.


  • Hi,
    Try GRANT ALL ON LOCATION '/mnt/data' on xxxxxxto etluser; (remove the last slash)
    It should work ok.
    The directory is added without any ending slash

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