how much space to setup for seperate temp storage location

I read in various locations including the administration guide that vertica 'advocates' setting a seperate storage location for temp storage to aid performance. I haven't been able to dfiind any guidelines as to how much space to allocate for this storage.

Is there any way to gauge how much storage to allocate for temp for the above purpose?


  • Hi Steve

    Vertica's general recommendation for temp space is 40% of the actual data stored on that node. This temp space is used for number of data reorganization operations like mergeout, managing nodes in the cluster and by certain query execution operators, such as hash joins and sorts, in case when they have to spill to disk. Such operators might be encountered during queries, recovery, refreshing projections, and so on. The amount of disk space needed in this manner (known as temp space) depends on the nature of the queries, amount of data on the node and number of concurrent users on the system 

  • Hi Rahul / All,
    Thank you for your reply. One other related question, If I am set up and have a cluster with data where currently the 'disk' location for data and temp use the same location - can we at a later date create a new storage location and tell vertica to use that for temp storage? Most of the info I have seen so far says to set up locations before adding any schemas / data etc (I think!).

    Thank you. 
  • Hi Steve

    You can certainly go ahead & create different storage location for temp data anytime in the existing db on a later date as well.

    Will suggest you to kindly go through below documented vertica link for more info on how to create a new storage location


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