Not able to connect from Client(JDBC Client Driver( 6.1x) )to Vertica DB instance using Virtual IP (

Configured 3 node Vertica Cluster ( CE ) and configured IPVS Load balancer.
Created a DB instance on 3 node cluster
Now, from Client like Squirrel we are trying to connect to DB Instance with Virtual IP.
The Connectivity is either failing at 1st instance or It connects for a while before disconnects.
Where as when we use Real IP . We don't see any Connection breakage to the DB instance.

Please note: The Ping for Virtual IP never breaks. The VIP is continuously pinging...

Is their some issue with Vertica Client JDBC driver of ( 6.1.x ) ?


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    I would finally solve this issue myself. VIP was loosing connection and  On my RHEL box system log messages helped me with the problem( /var/log/messages). I had issue with one of my Real IP interface . I changed that in keepalived.conf file and my VIP was up and running

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