Troubleshooting interrupted data re-balance

I was running a data re-balance on a Vertica cluster using Admin Tools. Mid-operation, my SSH session was disconnected. I re-connected to the cluster and tried to run the re-balance operation again.

When I do that I see this:
    ERROR: Unable to generate re-balance script.
    Workspace rebalance_data already exists
I'm guessing that's because the first re-balance I kicked off is still running or didn't clean up properly.

How can I get past this?


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    Hello Nicholas,

    To remove all previously run (and hung) processes, you can do this from the vsql prompt:

    SELECT dbd_drop_all_workspaces();

    Once complete, please reattempt to run the rebalance script.

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    Alright, that worked. Thank you.
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    You're welcome!
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    Thank you Nicholas for the post! But why is this   dbd_drop_all_workspaces not documented in the official docs. 
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    Hello Adrian,

    A bug ticket is currently open to have this command added to our documentation. Hopefully it will be added in the near future.

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    Great !
    Already wrote it down :)
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    Great idea! :)

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