Vertica community edition release for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Hi, Ubuntu has released new LTS version 14.04 recently which is much better and stable than 12.04LTS. How soon should we expect Vertica to release community edition for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS? Request you to do that soon :) I am waiting to get started on 14.04.


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    Hey Rajeev,

    Good question :-)  We're certainly quite aware of Ubuntu 14.04, and know that there's demand for supporting it.  (I'm an Ubuntu user for my personal projects; Ubuntu has a lot going for it.  Though, I have to admit, I've personally had many more stability issues with 14.04 than 12.04.  Bad luck for me, I guess.)

    If you'd like a formal comment on future support commitments, I'm afraid you'll have to check with our Support folks (if you have an EE license), or pin down our Product Managers at a conference or similar.  Software can be a fast-moving space, sometimes things change at the last minute; we do keep our commitments when we make them, so we make them thoughtfully and they tend to show up as formal announcements rather than forum posts.

    I will note that, in the past, we have tended to add new platform support in major releases.  So keep an eye out going forward.

    If you want something unsupported, there are various posts online about how to get Vertica to work on lots of different platforms.  Vertica "works" (mostly) in many more places than we officially support or test it.

    But, for example, we lean heavily on certain bits of the Linux kernel (as do many programs that work hard to maximize performance on any given type of hardware -- the kernel is the interface with the hardware); we've encountered all kinds of stuff, even rare intermittent bugs specific to a particular patch to a minor version on only certain Linux distro's.  So a whole new major kernel version can be bunches of excitement :-)  (By the way, in general, if your distro issues a kernel hotfix, please install it...)  The wait for official support is because we take new major releases seriously -- I'm engineer enough to not guarantee that we'll catch every weird issue, but we do want to make sure Vertica's solid first.


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