ERROR 4424

Hi , I have problem when call external procedure. 
She output - 1

Shell-script with jar:

java -jar /home/dbadmin/java/hi.jar 

Command line:
dbadmin=> create procedure proc27113() as 'hiplanet.sh'
dbadmin-> language 'external' user 'dbadmin';
dbadmin=> select proc27113();
ERROR 4424:  Procedure execution error: exit status=1


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    I added exit 0 in my script, but result is the same
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    Hi Roman,

    Does the script run on its own, outside of Vertica?

    It sounds like the script is failing before it can get to "exit 0".  I would suggest that you add some debug logging; have the script output to a file, etc.

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    You are posting too much problems. Read docs!!!

    EXTERNAL PROCEDURE require exit status code, why you don't define it?
    Note: The file should end with exit 0, and exit 0 must reside on its own line. This naming convention instructs HP Vertica to return 0 when the script succeeds.
    Much more easy to ask than to read, agree.

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    The shell-script working correctly outside Vertica and insert statement inside Java is working. All records are appear in database. But when I create procedure and run it error code is 1
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    How path to java is defined?
    Try a full path to JAVA in EP or create link in /bin directory to java.
    Environment variables are not passed from Vertica, so if path is defined in env vars EP will fail.
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    I solved the problem this way:I created this last procedure and initialize, but there I install new procedure.
    After I re-initialized my procedure that didn't work and after that it called.

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