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What's eating my Vertica memory?

So I ran this query (picked up here), and found some interesting results.
-- Shows memory information by host
SELECT /*+label(diag_memory_info)*/ 
       total_memory_bytes / ( 1024^3 )           AS total_memory_gb, 
       total_memory_free_bytes / ( 1024^3 )      AS total_memory_free_gb, 
       total_swap_memory_bytes / ( 1024^3 )      AS total_swap_memory_gb, 
       total_swap_memory_free_bytes / ( 1024^3 ) AS total_swap_memory_free_gb 
FROM   v_monitor.host_resources;
How do I find out what's eating up memory?

As in, I'm looking to understand why total_memory_free_bytes is what it is. Once I do, would it be possible to eject things from memory manually?


  • This are host total statistics and not all that memory is used by  your Vertica process. If you wanna eject/free some mem use top -m to see what process is using the most memory. 

  • Ah yes, makes sense from the obvious view name. :)

    So top -m confirms that Vertica is responsible for most of the memory consumption, which is good.

    But how I can I understand why it's using the memory its using?
  • If you look at the tail -f vertica.log you will see you have processes running from time to time such as (tm mover , etc..) + the querys that runs on your database. 

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