different users seeing different data in system monitoring tables

I am seeing some very interesting behaviour. I have 2 users. One I created yesterday and the other I created today. The one I created yesterday is seeing data in the load_Streams table until the 23rd May However, I am seeing current data in the same table with the user that I created today. I have tested this against 2 tables. Load streams and storage_usage. Both users have pseudosuperuser access. Any ideas why this might be happening?


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    Can you please check what is the default role for these users? Even though the users have privilege for pseudosuperuser role, no roles are enabled at the start of a user session if the user has not been assigned with a default role. 

    Other way to enable the role is to run SET ROLE command to activate the role in that session.

    I suspect the users you created might have been running the queries with no roles enabled.


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